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Leaking Toilet?

by Eli Nash on 01/17/14

Why Is My Toilet Leaking?

If you’ve notice that your toilet is leaking water, then you probably don’t want to hesitate in having it repaired. Letting your toilet leak for too long will inevitably lead to water damage as well as the development mold in your bathroom.

It May Be A Loose Nut

It is important to locate where the leak is coming from when repairing a leaky toilet. If you notice it collecting behind the toilet you may be in luck! Your repair may be simply tightening the nut which connects the toilet to the water source. If the nut is not tight enough, it may leak when pressure changes after flushing.

Your Toilet Seal May Have Worn Out

If you notice that your toilet is leaking after you flush, but it’s not coming from behind, your toilet base is probably the source. If you’ve noticed any leaking around the base, you’re going to have to call a plumber. What happens is, the seal around the base of your toilet wears out over time. When this happens, the toilet will need to be removed by a plumber in order to properly replace the seal around the base. But once this seal is replaced, you shouldn’t have to worry about your toilet leaking around the base for quite some time.

A Toilet Valve May Need Replacing

When you flush your toilet and it keeps leaking, or running, that’s a repair the needs to be made within the tank of the toilet. This may not seem like a big deal, but if your toilet continues to run, that means water continues to be used. This could lead to a rather high water bill next month. When one of the valves within the toilet fails to closes properly, it allows the water to continue to run. Thankfully, this is something a plumber can repair, so you don’t have to worry about buying a brand new toilet and having it installed.

If you ever experience a toilet leak and you need a helping hand, give Hydro Pro Plumbing Services a call! We offer 24 hour emergency plumbing service, so whenever you find yourself having a plumbing problem, we’ll be there to help you in no time. Give us a call at 541-504-3135 or schedule a service call on our website at hydroproplumbing.com.

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